iPod Shuffle, Generation 2

Potentially one of the best ever training aids I’ve ever bought.

In the age of touch screens, frigabites of memory, apps and the rest of it, the humble shuffle seems to have be forgotten. Forget touchscreen, in fact, forget any type of screen at all. A handful of buttons, a bulldog type clip to attach to clothing, bag etc and that’s about it.

Number 1 Shuffle: Christmas present in 2009. Was uploaded with selected RRAAAAAARRR tracks and has been a constant companion on virtually every run, every gym trip, every solo bike ride since. The apple headphones were swiftly ditched (they just don’t stay in my ears), and swapped for earbud style ones. Songs have occasionally been promoted and relegated, but I’ve generally left it alone.

Rain, mud, snow, more rain, more mud, dust… the shuffle has laughed in the face of them all. It has delivered “the perfect soundtrack” on so many occasions, bu there are a few stand out moments.

3am. Dark, cool, overcast night in summer 2009. I stop at the pits, grab an energy gel, banana and bottle. Exchange a lack-lustre highfive with my pit buddy, and a quick kiss with my girlfriend before stepping into my pedals, pressing play and laughing as Daft Punk, “One More Time” came on. I pedaled off, hands in the air singing at the top my lungs. (Apologies to anyone who was woken or disturbed at Bontrager 24/12 that year).

All good things must come to an end. While mud and rain may be no match for the shuffle, it turns out red wine was. Oops.


LONG LIVE SHUFFLE NUMBER 2. In new and improved pink. Life goes on.

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