I’m honoured to have fantastic friends and supporters.

More important than any of them though are my family. Thanks Jenn. Thanks Mum, Dad, Gemma and Alex (and honourary  family Andy).

Garage Bikes in Morley are lovely and brilliant folk. Al and his wife Sarah are very friendly, and are absolutely part of the bike community in the North. They have been kind enough to sponsor me for over a year, making sure I wear the brightest kit on the start line and always have a working bike. Pop in if you ever get chance.

Singletrack Magazine

I write regularly for Singletrack Magazine… you’ll most often find me in the “Grinder” reviews, but they have also commissioned some other features. The magazine comes the closest to representing what mountain biking means to me. Guaranteed to be interesting and thought provoking. Buy direct from their website, or get a copy from Garage Bikes.

Brilliant group of people. Combine two of my favourite things. Pedalling and Patisserie.

Thanks especially to Mikey for “Belge the Fuck Up” motivational speeches

More top people. Good contingent of Yorkshire Series CX racers. Ace jerseys too.


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