Mavic Cyclone Jacket

Jackets forever seem to present an endless proverbial goldilocks problem. Too hot. Too cold. Too sweaty. Get wet. Too heavy or bulky. Too flimsy. To make matters worse, my too hot is someone else’s just right. For the record, I’d say I run on the cool side.

When out on autumn and winter rides I prefer to have a combined “keep me warmish” and “keep all but the worst of the weather out” outer layer. This now tends to mean a softshell of some sort. The Mavic Cyclone nicely fills my criteria in a race-cut kind of way. My medium is a little snug around my chest, but fits my longish arms nicely, and there is no unwanted fabric flapping around my waist.

Mavic have obviously spent some time on the detailing. There are plenty of thoughtful touches. The asymmetrical zip may not be a new idea, but it does a good job of keeping the zipper away from adams apples. There are also three roadie pockets on the back, as well as a smaller zipped key pocket. Many may not feel the need to use them, but I appreciated the additional versatility they lent. I assume France is unaware that there are “more reasons to shop at Morrison’s”, as their “M” logo is remarkably similar to the Bradford-based supermarket chain’s.

The fabric is stretchy and soft to the touch. It isn’t particularly thick material, and realistically it is most suited to 5-10degree temperatures when paired with a mid-weight baselayer. The back panel is a more open fabric, which does a good job of keeping you cooler, especially when moving. Whether this is a good thing largely depends on the weather that day, but I found it an advantage when wearing a pack. The  jacket resists “wetting out” very well, and continues to bead after 3 months solid use, and a few washes in Nikwax Tech-wash. On the one day I got hugely caught out in a torrential downpour, the jacket kept me warm, if damp for the hour or so back to home.

All in all, not half bad. My first choice jacket so far this autumn/winter.

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