For the first time in a long time, I’ve felt motivated to train. Not just ride my bike, or go for a run, or go to the gym, but to push myself when I do. I’ve looked forward to swinging a leg over a turbo trainer when I get home from work, and the sofa would normally be a far more inviting option.

Can’t beat having a new goal to aim for. I’m under no illusions, this is very much the honeymoon period. The aches and pains are a welcomed back like an old school friend. The longer morning runs are a novelty. The early nights and deep sleep, a welcome bonus after months of on and off insomnia. But, there is inevitably a reason that you didn’t stay in contact with old school mate. They hang around a bit too long, outstay their welcome. There will be the day that the sofa feels more inviting, that the duvet promises more than a headtorch and a cold, wet morning.

That’s why I need to set myself up with a training plan. Something that structures my week. Something that translates “I must get better” into I will spend x hours today doing y, then do z tomorrow. A commitment. Short term goals.

Better get researching.

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