Daft Punk

Harder, better, faster, stronger
So. Let’s have a little re-cap. I’ve got my end goal for April. I know roughly where I am now. I know the direction I want to head in. How do I do it? Step-by-step. Ride further and more often. Train harder. Never drink. Turn myself into a MACHINE. Achieve zen-like balance within my body and mind.
Back to reality. I have a job. I need my job to pay my bills and buy bike bits. I have friends. I like to see them and occasionally have a beer or two (or five) when I do. I enjoy riding my bike. Lots. But I don’t enjoy getting up very early and doing hard training sessions. I need to be fully awake and well fed before I think about doing something like intervals.
There are a few constraints there. How the hell do I make sure that I get the quality training in that I need? What is quality training? How many miles should I do? How much cross-training? How intense should my sessions be?
Luckily, I have a bit of help. Greg is working with me to develop a programme. One which should optimise the time that I have. One that I can follow. One that will push me and hurt me and have a real affect. Awesome.

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