Aaaannnnndddd…. relax. After a fairly mental few weeks, interspersed with colds, man flu, crappy work and generally not feeling that great, I’ve been enjoying some time to myself, with my family and with friends.

Christmas holidays have meant lots of good quality running and riding so far.
Christmas Eve: – cheeky 50 miles on the road bike before heading home to Halifax
Christmas Day: – 15k run in the early morning and some fun on downhill bikes for a couple of hours later
Boxing Day: – a lovely rest day
December 27th: – “Hot Toddy”. 5.8 mile road race, starting and finishing in Todmorden. My 4th time racing, and got a best time, of 33.59, which earned me 25th place. Not too bad for someone who usually only does races that last another 7hrs or so… Also my first road running race for 18 months or so?
December 28th: – A really nice social ride with Greg around Cannock. Not slow, not fast, time to chat, but some good quality riding in there too.
December 29th: – resting
December 30th: – I might actually end up at Cannock again..
December 31st: – Quick bit of CX practice. Nowt too strenuous, just re-tuning my dismounts/remounts
January 2nd: – TODCROSS!!!