Dirty Harry

The last time I wrote about a new bike, I’d pretty much settled on the Canyon. It looked like the best all-round option for my limited budget. Sorted. Sadly, I’d have to wait until March to get it though. Patience is a virtue.

Then, Planet X went and threw a spanner in the works. The Dirty Harry. 29er, carbon, good looking. Available… er, now. More expensive, but not necessarily “too expensive”. Hmm. Back to pondering.

Last weekend was Hit the North. As I’ve previously mentioned, it wasn’t a success race-wise, but it was interesting for other reasons. Dave Haygarth has recently become sponsored by On-One/Planet X, and he offered me the chance of a spin on Harry. Brant was also there, wrestling with a giant inflatable man (as you do), and cheering on the racers.

So, a ten minute blast, and a chat with Brant later, I’d somehow ended up agreeing to a good deal on a XT-specced full build… which would be ready mid-week. Gulp.

Come Thursday, I arrived at the Planet X showroom in Rotherham (well worth a trip as it happens), and left with a shiny new bike. It is stealthy, light, and just looks right. Happy boy.

Apologies for the ropey photo. It was snapped in the showroom, shortly before I spilled coffee everywhere…



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