One week to go…

This time next week, I’ll be a nearing the end of 24 hours of Exposure.

I’m experiencing my usual pre-big-race mixture of emotions.

  • Feeling unprepared
  • Feeling unfit
  • I’m scared. Scared of embarrassing myself, scared of the pain, scared of the mental torture
  • Worried about putting my brother, sister and two friends through 24 hours of looking after my every need, watching me self-harm
  • Worried I won’t do as well as I should
  • Excited that I’ll be testing myself
  • Excited about riding a fast bike along lovely trails
  • Excited for every single moment of clarity, where it is just me, a bike, a trail. The ultimate escapism.
  • Looking forward to meeting old friends, and making new ones
  • Feeling fit
  • Feeling prepared
  • And repeat

Bring it on.

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