Reflecting on the loop. Short version.

It’s almost exactly 48hrs since I finished the Cairngorms Loop. Mountains are still in my thoughts. All the time. I’m dreaming singletrack.

I’ll write a proper update later this week, but here is a distilled version:

  • Start. Cold. Sunny. Surreal
  • Ride. Soak up landscape
  • Talk. Meet great people.
  • Ride. By myself.
  • Ride. With people again.
  • Hike a bike.
  • Snow. 
  • Epic, epic views
  • Dark
  • GPS failure in the cold
  • Map nav at night, negotiating landslides
  • The lure of the bothy
  • Frozen bike
  • Wildlife
  • Best breakfast ever at Tomintoul
  • Sunburn
  • Berms to Braemar
  • Last push
  • Exhaustion
  • Camaraderie
  • Definitely not shedding a tear while whooping on the final descent
  • Photos
  • Beer

Thanks to:

  • Steve for organising
  • Jenn for Friday night chat, and general aceness
  • Every other rider I chatted too
  • Especially Rob, who became my best friend for the weekend
  • Garage Bikes for fettling my bike. It worked flawlessly (except for seized gears at -8. I’ll let em off for that one

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