Broken bones are like buses. You go ages without any, then two come in quick succession.

Just as I was getting some semblance of fitness back, enjoying riding, enjoying summer, making riding plans, I fell off a bit of singletrack on my local loop. The front wheel was simply not on the trail any more. Superman. Slap the ground hard. Result = pulling away a bit of bone at the top of my humerus (the bit that the rotator cuff joins on to).

It actually took me a couple of weeks to go to the hospital – I’d assumed that I’d just pulled something. The plus side of this meant I only had a month or so of being off the bike. Could have been much worse, and I’m glad I didn’t land on the side with the still-healing broken collarbone!

Without riding, I’ve also been lacking inspiration… hence no posts on here. I’m now back on the bike, looking forward to more writing, more fun adventures, more races (although not in the very near future).

Finally, thank you to Garage Bikes and Kinesis UK, who have been great and full of support, despite the fact that I’ve done very little recently.

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