Changing seasons

A few weeks ago, my morning ritual was simple. Wake up to sunshine beaming through the window, heating up the already mild ambient temperature. Pull on shorts and a jersey, and pedal off to work. High pressure height of summer.

Summer is freewheeling into autumn though. An unseasonably chilly couple of weeks have led to a few misjudged shorts and jersey commutes with cold knees and blue hands. Equally, when leg and arm warmers have been deployed on the way into work, they’ve been stuffed into my bag for the way home, once the day has warmed up. Gilets have been zipped up on setting out, only to be stripped off after half an hour, to be replaced in a rain shower minutes later. The wind has swung round from the south to the north, bringing a biting crispness – a wearing solidity. Hard.

Early starts are accompanied by blinking LEDs, flashing out a rhythm that sleepy legs can’t keep pace with. Summer isn’t over yet, but it is leaving quicker than I can keep up.

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